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Ever thought about hosting a student?
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 02 January 2008
Have you ever thought about hosting an overseas student  for  12 months?   Well,  if you have then here is an opportunity.    We, at the Hiterlandgrapevine Online received the following letter from Magdalena, a 15 year old girl from Germany who would like to study in Australia.

To whom it may concern,

my name is Magdalena Gruendl. I'm 15 years old and I live in Germany.    At the moment I go in th 10th grade at the Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Gymnasium in Cham, which is like a High School.    I have always wanted to spend some year abroad in Australia, to experience a new culture, another school, to meet new friends and to come to know the experiences of an exchange year.    I read in our Newspaper about a Ecuador exchange student who searches for a host family and in this way he found one.    SO I decided to do it in the dame way.    Can you print my letter which I send you in the newspaper, so that I will find a host family?    I also send you some photos of me.

My parents are glad to host an Australian pupil.    Can you help me in any
way?    Unfortunatelly it's too expensive to do it with an organisation.   I send you a letter which I write if you find a host family and to know me better.

I'm really looking forward to an answer from you.
Happy New year!

Yours sincerely

Dear host family,

my name is Magdalena Gründl, I'm 15 years old. I live in a house in a little
village (976 inhabitants) in Bavaria called "Pösing“.    The nearest city is Roding (10 000 inhabitants), which is 3 miles away.    But although Pösig is so small, we have our own railroad station.

My sister and me always go to school by train because the school I go to,
the Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Gymnasium, is in Cham.    We only need six minutes by train.

A normal daily routine looks as follows: I get up at six o'clock and while reading the newspaper I have breakfast At around half past six I go into the bath and shower and get ready.    Usually I'm ready too early but this doesn't  matter because then I read or check my mails.    At ten past seven my sister and me leave the house.    At half past seven I'm in school, where I talk to my friends or learn until the classes starts at eight o'clock.

One class takes
45 minutes.    We have two classes then a break of 15 minutes, again two classes and a break and the last time two classes.  At one o'clock school ends and I go home.    We have lunch all together at half past one because my Mum is an elementary school teacher and my Dad is houseman and sport teacher in liberal profession, so he teaches four hours at a secondary school.    I have my own room where I can do my homework and at the moment we are renovating our whole house and so I will get a new room.    After lunch my sister and me always have to clean the kitchen and wash the dishes.    In the afternoon i meet friends, or I read or do something other.    And in the evening I go either to soccer practice, or to the fitness center together with my Dad, or I go running.  Afterwards I sometimes watch TV or go to bed and read.

I have 13
different subjects at school which are:  Math, Physics, Latin, English, French, German, Biology, History, Social Studies, Economic & Law, Music, Religion and Sport. My favourite ones are Sport because I love to move, English, Physics, Biology and German.    I like going to school because I meet all my friends there and the classes are very interesting in the subjects I like.    Our school doesn't offer many activities but I'm member of the school newspaper because I like writing articles.    I'm interested in sport, literature, music and other cultures and languages.    I read a lot.    My favourite books are the Harry Potter books and my favourite author is Rainer M. Schröder.   

I'm member of the "Rodinger
city band“, where I  play the transverse flute.   I like playing sport myself and also watching it.    I'm member of the youth forum in our sport club, which means that we plan recreational activities for the children in our club during the holidays.    I play a lot of sport.    I play soccer in a team and I'm the team captain.    Soccer is my favourite sport but I also like Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, running, inline-skating, swimming and certainly surfing.    I discovered surfing during the last summer holidays, when my family and me took a round-trip with our caravan to Corsica for two weeks.    I tried surfing for my first time and I couldn't stop. I really like it.    It'sthe best sport I have ever done together with soccer.    I have also spent a week in France, where I took part in an exchange programme with my France class.    We went to Bordeaux and everybody spent one week with another family.    We saw a lot of things and I really enjoyed it there even though we had a bad weather.

Only th
ree weeks later in the Easter holidays  I went to Milan together with my two best friends for 5 days.    I worked at an eggs factory for two weeks to pay for the trip.    If travelling weren't so expensive I would travel every holidays around the whole world especially to the sea because I like the sea, the water and the beaches.

Now I would like to tell you something about my personality.    My friends say
I'm reliable, communicative, helpful and very kind.    I would add that I'm also open-minded and patient.    Certainly I also have also failings.    Sometimes I'm bit stubborn and my parents say I'm a bit messy.

In my free time I meet friends, play sport, read or just relax. In the
summer I'm always at the outdoor-swimming pool because I like the water and I can also play beach volleyball there and meet friends.

I don't know exactly what I will want to be, but I want to see as much as
possible from the world I don't attach importance to a career it's more important for me to be happy.    I want to start a family and have children.

I don't know exactly when I discovered my enthusiasm for Australia but I
think it was around four years ago when I saw some friends' photos.    I'm interested in Australia since then and also in the aborigines, I read a lot of books about them.    They impressed me and I knew that I wanted to go to Australia - the beaches, the sea and the hot weather.    I have also heard that the "Aussies“ are really open-minded and kind.

I have known for some time that I don't want to spend my whole life in Germany.    I don't like the cold and rainy weather and there's no sea.   I'm not into the winter without skiing.

At the beginning of the exchange year, I think it will be hard.     I will be
confronted with a new culture and another language and I don't know anybody.   But I think after a few weeks, when I have settled in I will like being there.    During the exchange I will meet a lot of new people and I hope that I will make a lot of friends.    I will also learn a lot about a new culture and I will be able to try other sports.    After the exchange I think I'll be a different person than before.    I think I'll be more independent and make decisions for myself.    I also learned that sometimes you have to jump over one's own shadow.

As a positive side action I'll learn to speak English fluently, which offers me a lot of new perspectives.

I'll come to the end of my letter now and I think if we all arrange we will get along well and we will have a nice time together.    At last I'll thank you for hosting me.    I think an exchange year is not just a whole year of holidays but when it is over you will have spent a nice year which you will always remember.

Yours sincerely

P.S.    Magdalena Gründl's  email address is
Last Updated ( Thursday, 03 January 2008 )
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